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The Main Characteristic of Non-woven Fabrics Technology


Many factors contribute to the quick development of non-woven net curtain in a short few decades, and these factors often combine with each other to work.

(a) With the development of textile technology, textile craft and equipment are getting more and more complex with rising production costs. Against this situation, people have tried to find a kind of new technology to simplify the production process as well as reducing the complexity and number of the equipment sets, which can radically reduce the production cost.

(b) Textile industry asks for the use of more and more waste raw materials. Simple and effective methods are taken to make them become those products having certain purposes.

(c) The rapid development of chemical fiber industry provides rich raw material to the development of nonwoven fabric. It also provides the guarantee to improve the quality of products, which greatly expands the possibility to develop products. At the same time, the nonwoven fabric technology effectively and speedily takes use of chemical fiber raw material to develop products, which also promotes the further development of chemical fiber industry.

(d) For many cases, most physical properties of those traditional textile products are not needed for the use, however, some of the main properties can not meet the performance requirements, which are mainly showed in the medical health materials, filtration materials, insulation materials, etc.. Nonwovens technology can properly choose fiber raw materials and processing methods according to the final product use to fully play the role of fiber in nonwovens structure.

(e) Due to the rapid development of modern high science and technology, there is a strong need for new materials, and nonwovens technology is a very effective means to provide new materials and new products, for example, software linings needed in electronic computers, composite materials needed in electronic circuit boards, high temperature resistant composite materials needed in the space industry, efficient filtration materials needed in environmental protection industry, new type of decorative materials needed in automobile lightweight and so on.